Dealership Management Software

Automobile Dealership Management Software, Automate Your Business

We are offering an in-house developed easy to use with latest GST ready web based Automobile Dealership Management Software also known as DMS. Unique dealer software designed to serve the daily operational requirements; Dealer Management Software System (DMS) has proved to be the lifeline for Indian two wheelers and its dealers. It is a full tailor-made and integrated software solution developed in latest version of Microsoft Technology for automotive dealers and service centers of automobile companies for their entire business processes. It covers complete sales cycle from order booking to sales invoice generation. All steps of a sale can be followed and tracked, Viz enquiry, Order Booking Invoicing, Payment & Receipts.

Our Automotive Dealership Management system (DMS) deals with all the requirements of an automobile dealer business like workshop activities, vehicle sales,  customer order management, retail and challan based sales, invoicing, spare parts inventory,  and financial accounting, all within your web browser. Data inside the software is secure and accessible based on a highly scalable permissions hierarchy. The DMS software system is best suited for automobile dealers of two Wheeler’s, battery bikes, e-bikes & Authorized Spare part dealers.

Our DMS Modules with Features

Customer Management

  • Customer Master

Sub Dealer Management

  • Add New Sub Dealer
  • Sub Dealer List
  • Sub Dealer Order List
  • Transfer Vehicle
  • Transfer List

Inventory Management

  • Manufacturer Master
  • Supplier Management
  • Spare Part Master
  • Category Master
  • Stock Details
  • Stock Transfer

Purchase Section

  • Generate PO
  • Stock Entry (Battery Bikes)
  • Stock Entry (Battery)

Service Management

  • Appointment
  • Job Sheet
  • Job List

HR Management

  • Employee Management
  • Department & Designation Master

Account Management

  • Account Head
  • Account Statement
  • Create Voucher
  • Balance Sheet
  • Group Trail
  • General Leader Trail
  • Sub Leader Trail
  • Income Statement


  • Daily Sale Report
  • Daily Service Report
  • Stock Report
  • Purchase Report

Sale Section

  • Advance Booking
  • Vehicle Sale Invoice
  • Spare Part Sale Invoice

OUR Dealership Management SOFTWARE FEATURES:

  1. 100% Web-Based DMS
  2. Centralized Database with Easy Configuration Setup
  3. Fast Data Entry like Desktop applications
  4. Fully Configurable User Rights
  5. Parts Inventory Management
  6. Inventory Distribution Services
  7. Billing & Invoicing
  8. Employee Management
  9. Track Deals (vehicle sales)
  10. Track Customers/Follow ups
  11. GST Ready Software 

Reasons for Owing a Dealer Management System

  1. Accurate record-keeping and instant access to information
  2. Automation of dealership processes to enhance efficiency and increase profitability
  3. Inventory management and electronic supplier/partner communications
  4. Remote management of your dealership and the liberty to cherish life
  5. Control of employee access to sensitive or confidential dealership information
  6. Improves sales forecasting, based on real-time sales inputs
  7. Improves stock visibility and inventories at dealerships, aiding in reduction
  8. Increases revenues through higher number of converted opportunities and customer retention
  9. Increases power for effectual monitoring of the business and decision making
  10. Complete possession along with maintenance, trainings, remote helpdesk and support

Our Automobile Dealership Management Software DMS is user friendly with latest GST system enabled, Tire client server built on .NET Microsoft technology, versatile & cost-effective with free upgrades & no long term contracts. The versatility of eNvent’s online DMS solution is unmatched for flexibility & ease of integration. When it comes to creating innovative, advanced management solutions, eNvent’s  best DMS software is leading the way.

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